Access Control

access control system installation
Biometric Access Control

Access control systems will monitor and control who has access to your home or business premises, giving you peace of mind that your building is safe and secure. An access control system means that only those people who should have access to the building are able to get in. We also understand the reluctance to simply rely on keys to secure your home or business property as they can be lost or stolen.

Whether you need electronic access control, mechanical access control or a door entry system, My Key Locksmiths have skilled locksmiths who can offer a FREE security consultation and advice on the most suitable type of access control system for your residential or commercial property. If you wish to have a more in-depth evaluation of your domestic or commercial security, call us today on 📞0333-242-3403 to enquire about our security surveys.

My Key Locksmiths are highly qualified and trained experts who can supply and install a wide variety of access control systems, including:

⦿ Mechanical Digital Code Locks – mechanical digital code locks are more traditional, ideal for offices with lots of footfall going in and out. They range from traditional mechanical locks and push button locks with single code access, to more sophisticated ‘dual credential’ systems designed for big businesses with a larger staff base, each with their own unique entry code.

⦿ Electronic Access Systems – there are numerous electronic digital door locks on the market, which can vary greatly in price, from standard budget internal digital door locks to heavy-duty touch locks.

⦿ Audio Visual Entry – audio visual entry allows the caller to be heard and queried about their reason for visiting. This gives you peace of mind with the knowledge that your residents or employees are safe and secure.

⦿ Magnetic Door Lock Installation – we install a variety of magnetic locks, also known as ‘maglocks’. They are a popular and common locking solution for doors: there are no moving parts, so they are durable and hard-wearing.

⦿ GSM Door Entry Systems – GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) door entry systems are an excellent solution for any property where it’s not possible to install a hard-wired door entry system. You can answer intercom calls and open doors using your phone. They are built for long-term reliable operation and maximum convenience for both residential or commercial properties.

⦿ Smart Door LocksSmart door locks secure your home without the need for a mechanical key. Most insurance companies treat smart locks as being as secure as a standard key-operated lock, as long as they work in conjunction with a mortice deadlock.

⦿ Code Locks – Code locks have become an increasingly popular keyless option to a conventional lock. They ensure convenient, keyless access to your doors and you can create a multitude of codes with thousands of possible code combinations. The lock is reprogrammable, which means that you can change the code whenever you need, for peace of mind if a staff member leaves the business.

⦿ Intercom Systems – An intercom system instantly provides you with an extra layer of security when you are looking for better ways to protect your home or business. Whether you are letting in employees, customers, couriers, suppliers or visitors in large or small companies, public institutions, or residential buildings, an intercom systems is a convenient, contactless and safe access solution.

My Key Locksmiths provide up-to-date security solutions and have an in-depth understanding of the wide range of access control technologies available today. We can supply and install entry systems from an array of manufacturers, all covered by a six-month warranty. Whether you need entrance posts, audio and video entry systems, intercom systems, power supplies or control equipment, My Key Locksmiths are on hand to help with every aspect of secure access control.