Smart Locks

Wireless Smart Lock

With many people now using smartphones, having smart locks fitted in your property is a simple and convenient way to stop you losing a key, having it stolen, paying out for a lock change and getting replacement keys cut.

Smart locks are becoming a popular form of access control. The biggest advantage of a smart lock is that you don’t need a physical key and can control access to your home remotely from your smartphone, to let someone in or send a virtual key to allow access for a set length of time. You never have to worry about locking yourself out again!

Most smart locks are electronic, which open and close wirelessly using Bluetooth connections but some also have the option to connect to your home internet. Having a Wi-Fi enabled door lock can generally offer you more features but due to being constantly connected to the internet, it can be slightly less secure than Bluetooth only smart locks.

Some smart locks can connect to your home automation system with many including a camera for a photo log of who is trying to access your door. These also have real-time alerts to let you know as soon as someone is trying to gain access to your home or business. Another useful feature is that many smart locks will send notify you if you have forgotten to lock your door so that you can lock it remotely. Accessing your smart lock can be as simple as opening an application on your phone or device; or using a fob to unlock your smart lock when it is in close proximity.

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