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The desire to protect our home and family is a fundamental human emotion. If you’ve had your home or business broken into and burgled, you know that it can be a traumatic experience.

If you have a visible alarm on the outside of your home or business premises, it will give you the peace of mind to know that you are doing all you can to deter intruders and hopefully prevent a robbery.

My Key Locksmiths have skilled locksmiths who can offer a FREE security consultation and advise on the most suitable type of alarm system or security upgrade for your residential or commercial property.

We can carry out a security survey and risk assessment, configure and install an intruder alarm (both wired and wireless) and maintain and monitor the alarm system, if required.

We can supply and install different types of alarm systems, including:

⦿ Burglar Alarms – just the sight of a burglar alarm can be all it takes to discourage illegal entry and put potential intruders off targeting your property, reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

⦿ Wireless Alarms – Unlike wired alarms which require cables to be surface clipped along walls, floorboards and carpets, wireless alarms are easy to install and uninstall and are therefore a cost-effective option. Each peripheral will require their batteries changing, but this technology has come a long way, with some devices only needing batteries changing every two years.

⦿ Smart Home Alarms – smart home alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, combining the latest in security and home automation technology. Technology has made it possible to manage your home security through your smartphone, tablet or PC, providing instant alerts if any unusual activity is detected.

⦿ Police Response Alarms – when an intruder alarm is triggered or a personal attack button activated, your local police station will be informed immediately. If an intruder alarm is activated when no-one is at home, a nominated key holder is informed, usually friends or family who live nearby, who are able to access the property on your behalf.

⦿ Commercial Security Alarms – a good commercial security alarm can keep your premises and valuables safe and secure, as well as reducing your commercial insurance costs. We offer both electronic and physical security solutions for commercial businesses and understand the extra security measures that can be required when handling sensitive public sector security projects, such as by government agencies. Or you have business critical stock or assets that need to be securely protected at all times.