24/7 Auto Locksmith Near Me

Auto Locksmith Near Me

Are you locked out of your car and in search of an “auto locksmith near me“? Our team of skilled locksmiths at My Key Locksmiths  is glad to be of service to make sure you receive the most reliable auto locksmith services.

We are a professional locksmith company that provides fast, reliable, and affordable services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the best “auto locksmith near me”.

Auto Locksmith Services

Auto Locksmith Near Me

We provide a wide variety of auto locksmith services to resolve any auto locksmith troubles. Have you ever been through a car lockout? Did you lose your keys? Did your key break in the ignition or door lock?

Don’t worry, our 24 hour locksmith is here to help when you search for an “auto locksmith near me”. These are stressful experiences that happen to everyone at one point or another.

However, having a dependable and trustworthy emergency locksmith on hand is critical in these scenarios. We provide quick and efficient service so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

My Key Locksmiths provides the following auto locksmith services:

⦿ Emergency Car Lockouts

⦿ Car Ignition Repair

⦿ Car Ignition Replacement

⦿ Automotive Key Copying

⦿ Brand new automotive keys

⦿ Broken Car Key Extraction

Benefits of an Auto Locksmith

An auto locksmith can provide many benefits to drivers who may find themselves in a bind. Here are just a few of the services that an auto locksmith can provide:

⦿ Lockout Service: If you have locked your keys in your car, an auto locksmith can come to your rescue and unlock your car door for you.

⦿ Key Replacement: If you have lost your car keys, an auto locksmith can make a new key for you.

⦿ Ignition Repair: If your car ignition is not working properly, an auto locksmith can repair it for you.

⦿ Key Programming: If you need a new key programmed for your car, an auto locksmith can do that for you.

What to Expect from our Auto Locksmith

When you call our auto locksmith, you can expect professional and courteous service. Our auto locksmith will arrive at your location in a marked vehicle and will be wearing a uniform. Our locksmith will have a valid ID and will be able to show you proof of insurance. Our locksmith will assess the situation and give you a written estimate of the cost of the work before any work is done.

Our auto locksmiths are trained to work with all types of vehicle keys, including transponder keys, key fobs, and standard metal keys. They can also program new keys, duplicate keys, or make minor repairs to damaged keys. In most cases, they can perform their work on-site so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Tips to Find Another Auto Locksmith

If you’ve ever locked your keys in the car, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are auto locksmiths who can help get you back on the road. But how do you find a reputable one? Here are some tips:

⦿ Check online reviews: A quick Google search will reveal what other people have said about a particular auto locksmith. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a well-rounded idea of what to expect.

⦿ Ask for referrals: Talk to friends, family members, or co-workers who have used an auto locksmith in the past. They can give you first-hand information about their experience so you can decide if a particular locksmith is right for you.

⦿ Look for credentials: Make sure the auto locksmith you choose is properly licensed and insured. This will give you peace of mind knowing that they are reputable and professional.

Following these tips will help you find a great auto locksmith who can help when you’re in a bind.

Avoid other Auto Locksmith Scams

The auto locksmith industry is regulated in some areas, but not all. In areas where the industry is regulated, companies must apply for a license and must meet certain requirements. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that operate without a license or that do not meet the required standards. This can be very dangerous for consumers, as these companies may not have the proper training or equipment to safely work on your vehicle.

Here are some tips to help you avoid auto locksmith scams:

⦿ Check to see if the company is licensed in your area. You can usually find this information on the company’s website or by calling and inquiring about this license.

⦿ Ask for references from past customers. A reputable company should have no problem providing you with references.

⦿ Make sure that the company has insurance. This will protect you in case of damage to your vehicle during the repair process.

⦿ Get an estimate in writing before any work is done. This will help you avoid being charged more than you were expecting.

⦿ Don’t let anyone into your vehicle until you are sure that they are legitimate. If someone comes to your car and demands money before they will start repairs, this is a scam!

Luckily, our 24 hour locksmith professionals at My Key Locksmiths can help you avoid any issues. We have a team of experienced and certified auto locksmiths who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand that finding a locksmith you can trust is important. We’re here to help put your mind at ease with our quality services and competitive rates. Contact us today for a free quote!

Top-Notch Security Standards for Commercial Locksmith Clients

Commercial Locksmith

To ensure true protection, commercial company premises need a carefully calibrated and cleverly arranged set of security standards. Nevertheless, even when efforts are made to establish commercial door security, problems can arise when the security technology doesn’t work as effectively as it could to safeguard your property.

At My Key Locksmiths, we are dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the best possible security solutions. We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services, from lock installation and repair to key duplication and safe opening.

We are proud to be a one-stop shop for all your commercial locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services we Provide

There are many commercial locksmith services that we offer to our clients. Some of the more common services include:

⦿ Rekeying or changing the locks on doors

⦿ Installing new locks on doors

⦿ Repairing locks

⦿ Making keys

⦿ Installing safes and vaults

⦿ Providing access control systems

⦿ Providing security consultations

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

Access Control Systems - Smart Locks

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial locksmith. We can help you keep your business safe and secure, and we can also help you save money on repairs and replacements. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a commercial locksmith:

⦿ They can help you keep your business secure: A commercial locksmith can help you install high-security locks that will deter criminals from breaking into your business. They can also help you repair or replace damaged locks so that your business is not an easy target for thieves.

⦿ They can save you money: If you hire a commercial locksmith to install new locks or repair damaged ones, you will likely save money in the long run. This is because they will use high-quality materials that will last longer than cheaper options, and they will also have the expertise to install the locks correctly so that they function properly for years to come.

⦿ They can provide emergency services: If you are ever locked out of your business or if someone breaks into your business and damages the locks, a commercial locksmith can come to your rescue. They will be able to quickly fix the problem so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

⦿ They are convenient: A commercial locksmith is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if you have an emergency situation, you can call them at any time and they will come to your aid.

⦿ They are professional: When you hire a commercial locksmith, you can rest assured knowing that they are highly trained and experienced professionals who know how to handle all types of locking systems and security devices. This means that you can trust them to do a great job keeping your business safe and secure.

Maximise Your Security Infrastructure

Here are some suggestions for maximising your business’ security infrastructure:

Access Control

This is an excellent method for protecting your commercial doors. Use access control technology to prevent the need to distribute keys among numerous staff at entrance points. You can use this technology to provide your staff shifting and rotating codes so that only the right people can enter your company at the right times. Different codes may be given to various individuals depending on their shifts. Owners of businesses may be given master codes, which are good for all doors and are functional 24/7.

CCTV Cameras

Commercial doors should always be equipped with CCTV cameras.

It is critical to confirm if the connection between the camera’s monitoring system and your business entrance is always functional. We suggest a smart camera that enables remote viewing of the camera’s live feed and reviewing of previous recordings. This aids in passively deterring prospective burglaries while also assisting you in actively monitoring traffic entering the property.

Exit Devices (and Alarms)

Commercial doors with alarm systems are equipped with this important technology. Exit devices enable for seamless and instantaneous departure from otherwise tight doors, which is absolutely necessary for fire safety. Business owners or skilled people can turn off the alarm. Alarms installed throughout your business serve to warn off any potential thieves while also serving to notify you and others if a break-in occurs.

Importance of a Licensed Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner, you know that the security of your commercial property is of the utmost importance. You also know that protecting your business starts with having the right locks and security systems in place. But did you know that it’s just as important to make sure you hire a licensed commercial locksmith? 

Our licensed commercial locksmiths at My Key Locksmiths have undergone special training and have the experience and expertise to handle the unique needs of businesses when it comes to their locks and security systems.

Advantages of Keyless Mobile Remote Locks

Access Control System

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your share of lost keys and locked doors. But what if there was a way to eliminate those pesky keys and never worry about being locked out again? That’s where keyless mobile remote locks come in. Here are just a few of the benefits of using these types of locks:

Increased Security

There are many benefits that come with using a keyless mobile remote lock. One of the most notable benefits is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is secure. With a keyless mobile remote lock, you no longer have to worry about losing your keys or having them stolen. Additionally, you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected from burglars and other intruders.


Another benefit of using a keyless mobile remote lock is the convenience it provides. With this type of lock, you can easily and quickly unlock your door without having to fumble around for your keys. You can unlock your door using your smartphone, and there’s no need to carry around a bulky keychain. This is especially helpful if you have your hands full or if you are in a hurry.  

You can also set up multiple user codes so that you can easily keep track of who has access to your property. Furthermore, keyless mobile remote locks are typically much easier to install than traditional locks.

Better Safety

Another benefit of keyless locks is that they can greatly reduce the likelihood of break-ins. Keyless locks are much more difficult to picked or forced open than traditional locks. This makes them ideal for preventing break-ins.  Keyless locks offer an extra level of security and peace of mind.

Knowing that your property is secure can give you a great sense of relief. Burglars are often looking for easy targets, and homes with traditional keys are much more likely to be broken into. By using a keyless lock, you can deter would-be thieves and give yourself some peace of mind.

Additionally, keyless locks can also be a great way to keep track of who is coming and going from your home or business. Many models allow you to create logins for each individual user, so you can see exactly when someone enters or leaves the premises. This can be helpful for security purposes or simply keeping tabs on your family members or employees.


There are many benefits to using keyless mobile remote locks, but one of the most appealing is the affordability. Traditional locks and keys can be expensive, especially if you lose them or if they are damaged. With a keyless mobile remote lock, you don’t have to worry about those costs. Keyless locks are often more affordable than traditional locks, making them a great option for budget-minded consumers.

If you are looking for an effective and convenient way to secure your home, then a keyless mobile remote lock is an excellent option. This type of lock offers many benefits that can provide you with peace of mind and increased convenience.

Electronic Home Security

Advance Security System Installation

An electronic home security system is a further accessory that can significantly improve home security. These systems offer a wide range of functions and options for households and businesses.

A lot of them are mounted on entry doors, so when the door is opened while the alarm is activated, a loud alarm will sound. As a result, any possible intruder is scared away (as it informs everyone nearby with its piercing sound) and local law enforcement agencies or the security firm are promptly contacted.

Other features entail window or door sensors, door knob sensors, which may detect any motion inside the house. Alarms for windows are always an excellent idea because criminals frequently enter homes through windows.

Last but not least, installing CCTV surveillance camera systems is always a good idea because it allows you to check on potential intruders at any moment you feel like it.

Improved Security with Keyless Mobile Remote Locks

We are aware of how important it is to keep one’s family and house safe. You can use a few more effective strategies in addition to making sure your deadbolt is locked at night to keep your family as safe and secure as possible.

The first step should involve modernising your home’s complete lock system. Through criminal tampering, many locks are easily picked or bumped. Installing a pick-proof high security lock can make your family considerably safer and make it much more difficult for burglars to enter your house.

For your specific requirements, our 24 hour locksmith professionals at My Key Locksmiths can assist you in selecting the ideal lock or home security system.


Trouble with Car Locks

Auto Locksmith Near Me

There are a few reasons you might find yourself needing to replace or remove a car lock. Perhaps you’ve lost your keys and can’t get into your car, or maybe the locks are simply old and worn out.

With a few simple tools, you can remove most kinds of car locks relatively easily. It’s important to note, however, that different types of locks will require different methods, and some may be more difficult than others. You should also be aware that removing a lock without the proper key may damage the lock, rendering it unusable.

You may be unsure of what to do if your automobile keys won’t spin in the ignition slot. The best course of action in this circumstance is to speak with a qualified technician.

Here is a summary of several approaches you may take if you’re eager to start driving again and want to do it as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel

In order to determine which side is obstructed, try twisting the steering wheel both left and right. Hold the steering wheel firmly where it turns. As you continue to crank the steering wheel, turn the key to the accessory position. Next, try shaking the steering wheel while turning the key; if that doesn’t work, try shaking the steering wheel while shaking the key in the ignition.

Lock Lubrication

A graphite or silicon-based lubricant is appropriate for use for lubricating the keyway of the lock ignition. Spray some lubrication into the keyway, remove any extra with a cloth, put the key in and turn it, then jiggle it a bit. Do this several times.

Key Tapping

You might be able to repair springs that are sometimes trapped in locks by tapping them out of position. Utilize any tool that can vibrate the ignition cylinder and key. Put the key in the ignition and spin it while tapping it with a hammer or other vibrating object. Try placing the thing that is tapping or vibrating directly on the ignition cylinder if this doesn’t work.

Key Repairs

Car Key Replacements

There could be a key-related problem that is causing the door to jam. Use a spare car key to check if it works to confirm this. In such case, check to see if any of the key biting on the original key is worn down and/or if the key is broken or twisted. Get the key fixed by a certified locksmith, or have a new, functional key made for you using the code.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

If your key isn’t the problem, it can be the ignition cylinder itself. The ignition cylinder just has to be rekeyed; you don’t need to replace it entirely. Fortunately, our DBS checked and accredited auto locksmith professionals at My Key Locksmiths are able to seamlessly offer all solutions to your auto troubles.

How Burglars are Able to Break in a Property

Break-In Repairs

Although burglaries are frequently committed on the spur of the moment, some burglars plan ahead and carry out their crime much more precisely. However, there’s typical techniques that burglars access residences that don’t differ for the most part.

Here is a list of some of the most typical reasons as to how criminals are able to breach your home security and break into your property.

Unlocked Windows and Doors

Always check that your windows and doors are not mistakenly unlocked or left open. Just be careful and make sure you lock your doors and windows before turning in for the night or leaving your house. If a lock is not correctly locked, it makes no difference how strong the security level is or how excellent the quality of the lock.

Zero Alarms

Burglars have a lot of time to bump or pick your lock if your house doesn’t have an alarm system and is located on a dark street. If your home is protected by an alarm, criminals are unlikely to even try trying to avoid setting it off. We advise installing a monitored alarm system that, in the event of suspicious behaviour, will summon the police to your residence automatically.


It’s a known fact that a majority of burglars enter through front doors or enter through backdoors. Any lock that is less strong than premium deadbolts will do practically little to stop them from forcing their way in. Be sure to install high-quality, long-lasting, high-security deadbolts at all of your home’s main entrances, including the back door.

Sliding Doors

Locks on sliding doors can be easily broken. Installing a safety bar and inserting a dowel rod into the track’s frame will prevent this by putting up a physical obstruction that stops the door from opening.


Burglars take advantage of large, blocking trees and shrubs to conceal themselves for as long as possible as they attempt to bypass or break through your locks. We advise trimming back tall shrubs or hedges, especially those that are close to the exterior of your home, or at the very least adding natural deterrents like prickly or pointy plants. We also encourage homeowners to install motion sensor lights around entrance points of the home. This will frighten off possible criminals skulking about your property at night.

Noticing Security Issues in Older Homes

Consider yourself a thief attempting to figure out how to enter your house the quickest. Create a list of possible entry points, such as damaged windows or garage doors. Install a sophisticated alarm system and a peephole on your front door. To evaluate your home’s security or any current alarm systems, call a qualified locksmith. A thorough examination should be done for security vulnerabilities on all current locks, doors, windows, safes, garages, and other safety elements. Consider updating your outdoor lighting so that it has motion detecting features.

Security Flaws in Older Homes

⦿ Older homes sometimes have wooden window frames that deteriorate with moisture, resulting in an easy break in entry point.

⦿ Older burglar alarms and safety grills in older homes sometimes have worn-out locks that are ineffective at keeping out intruders.

⦿ A qualified lock specialist can advise you on the finest lock designs to provide your property the necessary security.

⦿ Replace the remote controls, update the codes, and, if the current garage door is in poor condition, think about installing a new one to modernise your older garage.

Replacing Locks and Security Systems

Advance Security

Cheap locks are easily identifiable by burglars. We advise installing more modern locks, such as smart deadbolts that will alert you to any tampering, in your older property. We also advise switching out outdated control panels, alarm sensors, and security wire for brand-new, modern versions because robbers are typically familiar with older systems and may easily cut them to gain entrance to your property. Protect your property by installing wireless security alarms and smart lighting.

The locksmith professionals at My Key Locksmiths are happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. Call us today for a free security consultation or a free quote on any locksmith service you require.

Tips to upgrade your home security
Upgrade your home security

Protection is everything: Effective ways to upgrade your home security

We all want our home to feel like our safe haven – a place where we can relax and unwind. If someone was to enter that safe space uninvited, it’s a huge invasion of privacy. But there are numerous practical and simple ways that you can safeguard your home, helping to deter unwanted visitors.

With domestic burglary on the rise in some areas and budget cuts putting a greater strain on the police force, it is important for homeowners to prioritise their home security. Burglaries can be not only traumatic but expensive, with The Office for National Statistics putting the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK at over £3,000.

Change the locks for added peace of mind

One of the first things you can do to protect your home is to change the locks. If you have just moved into a new house, it’s advisable to change the locks if you’re not sure who may have had access, for example, builders, estate agents or cleaners.  Your insurance company may also require that you fit new locks in order to be fully compliant.

Another reason that you might need replacement locks is if you’ve been locked out of your house or had your keys stolen. The first thing to do is to call an emergency locksmith: do not attempt to break in yourself as you may end up damaging the door or breaking the lock.  A few suggestions to help avoid future lockouts include having a spare set of keys cut to leave with a trusted neighbour or friend, installing a secure lockbox with a spare key inside, or changing to smart locks or keyless entry systems so you’ll never need worry about forgotten or lost keys again.

Access control systems for ease of monitoring and greater control

Installing an access control system will mean that you can monitor and control who has access to your home, giving you extra peace of mind. With the arrival of automated, digital security technologies, it’s becoming easier than ever to protect your home and family.

CCTV systems can be a strong visual deterrent that let potential intruders know that you take your home security seriously, enabling certain areas of your home, garden or driveway to be watched over 24/7. Early CCTV solutions used analogue TV cameras wired to VHS tape recorders, which were expensive and complicated to install. Today, CCTV systems can be small, battery-powered digital cameras that can be installed almost anywhere and linked to an app on your smart phone. They can turn themselves on when they detect motion and automatically upload clips to the cloud. However, there are privacy regulations about the use of CCTV at private, domestic properties, so make sure you do your research first.

An alarm system is an added deterrent

Home security is all about peace of mind and alarm systems can go a long way to deter burglars. Crime statistics from 2018 suggested that 31% of homes now have a burglar alarm of some sort, while 45% of home owners have increased security because of rising crime, such as a burglary at a neighbour’s house. Just the sight of a burglar alarm can be all it takes to discourage illegal entry and put potential intruders off targeting your property, reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Some home insurance companies will also lower your premium if you have additional security devices installed.

Unlike wired burglar alarms which require cables to be surface clipped along walls, floorboards and carpets, wireless alarms are easy to install and uninstall and are therefore a cost-effective option. Each peripheral will require battery changes but some devices only need batteries changing every two years.

Monitored, police response alarms go one step further and will automatically alert the police if an intruder alarm is triggered or a personal attack button is activated. If an intruder alarm is activated when no-one is at home, a nominated key holder who can access the property on your behalf will be informed, ensuring that everything is in order if it has been tripped accidentally, or sorting it out if there has been an unsolicited entry.

Smart technology – the way forward

Smart home alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, combining the latest in security and home automation technology. It is possible to manage your home security by combining many of the features of a traditional burglar alarm with the ability to monitor, control and interact with your home from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart locks are also fast becoming a popular form of high security access control. With the rise in smartphone usage, having smart locks fitted in your property is a simple and convenient way to prevent you losing a key, having it stolen, paying out for a lock change and getting replacement keys cut.

The biggest advantage of a smart lock is that you don’t need a physical key and can control access to your home remotely from your phone, to let someone in or send a virtual key to allow access for a set length of time. You never have to worry about locking yourself out again! If you can afford to do so, it is definitely worth investing in a high quality home security system, but only from a trusted brand.

Most smart locks are electronic, which open and close wirelessly using Bluetooth connections. Some smart locks can connect to your home automation system with many including a camera for a photo log of who is trying to access your door. These also have real-time alerts to let you know as soon as someone is trying to gain access. Another useful feature is that many smart locks will notify you if you have forgotten to lock your door so that you can lock it remotely.

If you rent out your property to guests using a rental site such as Airbnb, you want an easy yet secure way for your guests to be able to enter your home. Having a smart, keyless door lock is a popular option as it saves you the hassle of exchanging keys in person, especially if you don’t live nearby, meaning that check-in and check-out processes can be automated.  Modern smart locks have several models available, offering guest modes that allow you to extend lock access privileges to guests for a limited time, such as the length of their stay.

Back to basics: how good is your home security?

There are a multitude of ways to ensure that your home is as secure as possible, with high security locks and technical surveillance monitoring, but there are also many easy, logical and inexpensive steps you can take:

⦿ Don’t just close, but lock doors and windows when you go out (a recent survey  showed that one in four people still leave doors unlocked when they go out!)

⦿ Don’t leave a spare key in a visible or obvious place, such as underneath a plant pot or door mat

⦿ Shut blinds, shutters or curtains at night

⦿ Lock away any ladders and secure your shed or garage

⦿ Use motion activated lighting in dark areas outside your home

⦿ Keep your valuables out of sight

My Key Locksmiths are here to help

My Key Locksmiths have highly skilled, DBS-checked and accredited locksmiths nationwide who can carry out a comprehensive home security survey. They can help you understand the overall safety of your home and identify any vulnerabilities which may need addressing with security upgrade measures. 

Get in touch today on 📞0333-242-3403 to discuss how we can help you better protect your home and provide that all-important peace of mind.