Top-Notch Security Standards for Commercial Locksmith Clients

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To ensure true protection, commercial company premises need a carefully calibrated and cleverly arranged set of security standards. Nevertheless, even when efforts are made to establish commercial door security, problems can arise when the security technology doesn’t work as effectively as it could to safeguard your property.

At My Key Locksmiths, we are dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the best possible security solutions. We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services, from lock installation and repair to key duplication and safe opening.

We are proud to be a one-stop shop for all your commercial locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services we Provide

There are many commercial locksmith services that we offer to our clients. Some of the more common services include:

⦿ Rekeying or changing the locks on doors

⦿ Installing new locks on doors

⦿ Repairing locks

⦿ Making keys

⦿ Installing safes and vaults

⦿ Providing access control systems

⦿ Providing security consultations

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

Access Control Systems - Smart Locks

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial locksmith. We can help you keep your business safe and secure, and we can also help you save money on repairs and replacements. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a commercial locksmith:

⦿ They can help you keep your business secure: A commercial locksmith can help you install high-security locks that will deter criminals from breaking into your business. They can also help you repair or replace damaged locks so that your business is not an easy target for thieves.

⦿ They can save you money: If you hire a commercial locksmith to install new locks or repair damaged ones, you will likely save money in the long run. This is because they will use high-quality materials that will last longer than cheaper options, and they will also have the expertise to install the locks correctly so that they function properly for years to come.

⦿ They can provide emergency services: If you are ever locked out of your business or if someone breaks into your business and damages the locks, a commercial locksmith can come to your rescue. They will be able to quickly fix the problem so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

⦿ They are convenient: A commercial locksmith is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if you have an emergency situation, you can call them at any time and they will come to your aid.

⦿ They are professional: When you hire a commercial locksmith, you can rest assured knowing that they are highly trained and experienced professionals who know how to handle all types of locking systems and security devices. This means that you can trust them to do a great job keeping your business safe and secure.

Maximise Your Security Infrastructure

Here are some suggestions for maximising your business’ security infrastructure:

Access Control

This is an excellent method for protecting your commercial doors. Use access control technology to prevent the need to distribute keys among numerous staff at entrance points. You can use this technology to provide your staff shifting and rotating codes so that only the right people can enter your company at the right times. Different codes may be given to various individuals depending on their shifts. Owners of businesses may be given master codes, which are good for all doors and are functional 24/7.

CCTV Cameras

Commercial doors should always be equipped with CCTV cameras.

It is critical to confirm if the connection between the camera’s monitoring system and your business entrance is always functional. We suggest a smart camera that enables remote viewing of the camera’s live feed and reviewing of previous recordings. This aids in passively deterring prospective burglaries while also assisting you in actively monitoring traffic entering the property.

Exit Devices (and Alarms)

Commercial doors with alarm systems are equipped with this important technology. Exit devices enable for seamless and instantaneous departure from otherwise tight doors, which is absolutely necessary for fire safety. Business owners or skilled people can turn off the alarm. Alarms installed throughout your business serve to warn off any potential thieves while also serving to notify you and others if a break-in occurs.

Importance of a Licensed Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner, you know that the security of your commercial property is of the utmost importance. You also know that protecting your business starts with having the right locks and security systems in place. But did you know that it’s just as important to make sure you hire a licensed commercial locksmith? 

Our licensed commercial locksmiths at My Key Locksmiths have undergone special training and have the experience and expertise to handle the unique needs of businesses when it comes to their locks and security systems.

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