Trouble with Car Locks

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There are a few reasons you might find yourself needing to replace or remove a car lock. Perhaps you’ve lost your keys and can’t get into your car, or maybe the locks are simply old and worn out.

With a few simple tools, you can remove most kinds of car locks relatively easily. It’s important to note, however, that different types of locks will require different methods, and some may be more difficult than others. You should also be aware that removing a lock without the proper key may damage the lock, rendering it unusable.

You may be unsure of what to do if your automobile keys won’t spin in the ignition slot. The best course of action in this circumstance is to speak with a qualified technician.

Here is a summary of several approaches you may take if you’re eager to start driving again and want to do it as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel

In order to determine which side is obstructed, try twisting the steering wheel both left and right. Hold the steering wheel firmly where it turns. As you continue to crank the steering wheel, turn the key to the accessory position. Next, try shaking the steering wheel while turning the key; if that doesn’t work, try shaking the steering wheel while shaking the key in the ignition.

Lock Lubrication

A graphite or silicon-based lubricant is appropriate for use for lubricating the keyway of the lock ignition. Spray some lubrication into the keyway, remove any extra with a cloth, put the key in and turn it, then jiggle it a bit. Do this several times.

Key Tapping

You might be able to repair springs that are sometimes trapped in locks by tapping them out of position. Utilize any tool that can vibrate the ignition cylinder and key. Put the key in the ignition and spin it while tapping it with a hammer or other vibrating object. Try placing the thing that is tapping or vibrating directly on the ignition cylinder if this doesn’t work.

Key Repairs

Car Key Replacements

There could be a key-related problem that is causing the door to jam. Use a spare car key to check if it works to confirm this. In such case, check to see if any of the key biting on the original key is worn down and/or if the key is broken or twisted. Get the key fixed by a certified locksmith, or have a new, functional key made for you using the code.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

If your key isn’t the problem, it can be the ignition cylinder itself. The ignition cylinder just has to be rekeyed; you don’t need to replace it entirely. Fortunately, our DBS checked and accredited auto locksmith professionals at My Key Locksmiths are able to seamlessly offer all solutions to your auto troubles.

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