How Burglars are Able to Break in a Property

Break-In Repairs

Although burglaries are frequently committed on the spur of the moment, some burglars plan ahead and carry out their crime much more precisely. However, there’s typical techniques that burglars access residences that don’t differ for the most part.

Here is a list of some of the most typical reasons as to how criminals are able to breach your home security and break into your property.

Unlocked Windows and Doors

Always check that your windows and doors are not mistakenly unlocked or left open. Just be careful and make sure you lock your doors and windows before turning in for the night or leaving your house. If a lock is not correctly locked, it makes no difference how strong the security level is or how excellent the quality of the lock.

Zero Alarms

Burglars have a lot of time to bump or pick your lock if your house doesn’t have an alarm system and is located on a dark street. If your home is protected by an alarm, criminals are unlikely to even try trying to avoid setting it off. We advise installing a monitored alarm system that, in the event of suspicious behaviour, will summon the police to your residence automatically.


It’s a known fact that a majority of burglars enter through front doors or enter through backdoors. Any lock that is less strong than premium deadbolts will do practically little to stop them from forcing their way in. Be sure to install high-quality, long-lasting, high-security deadbolts at all of your home’s main entrances, including the back door.

Sliding Doors

Locks on sliding doors can be easily broken. Installing a safety bar and inserting a dowel rod into the track’s frame will prevent this by putting up a physical obstruction that stops the door from opening.


Burglars take advantage of large, blocking trees and shrubs to conceal themselves for as long as possible as they attempt to bypass or break through your locks. We advise trimming back tall shrubs or hedges, especially those that are close to the exterior of your home, or at the very least adding natural deterrents like prickly or pointy plants. We also encourage homeowners to install motion sensor lights around entrance points of the home. This will frighten off possible criminals skulking about your property at night.

Noticing Security Issues in Older Homes

Consider yourself a thief attempting to figure out how to enter your house the quickest. Create a list of possible entry points, such as damaged windows or garage doors. Install a sophisticated alarm system and a peephole on your front door. To evaluate your home’s security or any current alarm systems, call a qualified locksmith. A thorough examination should be done for security vulnerabilities on all current locks, doors, windows, safes, garages, and other safety elements. Consider updating your outdoor lighting so that it has motion detecting features.

Security Flaws in Older Homes

⦿ Older homes sometimes have wooden window frames that deteriorate with moisture, resulting in an easy break in entry point.

⦿ Older burglar alarms and safety grills in older homes sometimes have worn-out locks that are ineffective at keeping out intruders.

⦿ A qualified lock specialist can advise you on the finest lock designs to provide your property the necessary security.

⦿ Replace the remote controls, update the codes, and, if the current garage door is in poor condition, think about installing a new one to modernise your older garage.

Replacing Locks and Security Systems

Advance Security

Cheap locks are easily identifiable by burglars. We advise installing more modern locks, such as smart deadbolts that will alert you to any tampering, in your older property. We also advise switching out outdated control panels, alarm sensors, and security wire for brand-new, modern versions because robbers are typically familiar with older systems and may easily cut them to gain entrance to your property. Protect your property by installing wireless security alarms and smart lighting.

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